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The healing potential of music and poetry

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Song and poetry can capture something within us, that everyday language often doesn't.

It can be incredibly difficult to convey the sense of meaning of where our deepest emotions lie within us, our emotions and feelings arise from the body's experiencing and that is a hard thing to try to put into words. This is where the use of poetry and music can offer something deeply healing, it can move us in a way that brings our emotional, feeling, sensing body, into something that can resemble the heart of the wounding, and brings language, and ultimately release, to this place in us.

What is your favourite piece of music or poetry? What emotion/feeling speaks or resonates to you through this?

Whether it is through listening to music or poetry created by others, or creating your own, you could allow this to be a way of accessing a lost language, to guide you to something deeply held within.

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