A bit about how I work

If you have found yourself here you are probably thinking about finding someone to talk to about something that is troubling you.

You may have experienced an event in life, either recently or in the past, that has caused you distress or left you with complicated feelings, or you might not know why you are feeling what you are feeling, all of it is welcome here.

I offer compassionate, non-judgemental, experienced counselling and supervision in the Bristol area at my practice in Horfield.

Relationship is everything, when we feel disconnected from ourselves we feel disconnected from everyone around us.  When we become overwhelmed with distressing feelings we often turn to other ways of coping to self-soothe, in order to numb ourselves from these difficult feelings. This could include using alcohol, exercise, prescription and non-prescription drugs, or sex as a way of distracting us from our emotions. 

We are constantly receiving information which helps us process our environment and the relationships contained within them. This information can become overwhelming when our lives become too busy to process it, and we teach ourselves to 'switch off' this vital intuitive part of us, especially if we have experienced traumatic events where being in touch with our body feels unsafe. 

This leaves us vulnerable as the messages our body is giving us is vital information that allows us to keep ourselves safe and harmonious with ourselves and others around us.

If we learn to listen to our intuitive selves, we can start to make sense of what is happening to us and why we are experiencing what we are feeling, and make the changes necessary to fulfil our potential and lead a more enjoyable life.

Therapy can help you rebuild the feeling of connection through the relationship with your therapist, helping you to navigate difficult emotions and have them heard in a non-judgmental space, reducing the intensity of them and gaining a new perspective, whilst helping you find a way forward.

There is no doubt that our past experiences has an effect on how we think, feel, and believe about ourselves. As we get older these beliefs can stay with us and this can often be unhelpful and difficult to be conscious of.  Patterns of thinking are like well worn paths in the circuitry of our brain, it can be hard to see that there are other paths we can take, especially as we are often not aware of them. This means that the way we see ourselves and the world can start to feel limited.

Each individual person is unique, so I use a different approach to therapy depending on the person, but at the heart of my work is the relationship, I get to know you first and foremost. I work mainly, but not exclusively from an Integrative/Person-centred/Existential approach, this means I use different types of counselling theory to help you make sense of things. I also have an interest in Neuroscience and frequently use this as a way to explain what is going on in our minds and body.

Therapy can unearth patterns of thinking that no longer serve you by raising your self-awareness and in turn, your self-esteem.

Some of the issues I have helped people with:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • abuse

  • autism

  • domestic violence

  • loneliness 

  • divorce 

  • suicidal thoughts

  • stress

  • relationships

  • addiction

  • post-natel depression

  • life transitions

  • grief, loss, bereavement

I currently work with a variety of organisations including: Kinergy, Women’s AidRed Horse Foundation, and in private practice.

Therapy is the most effective when attended weekly, this helps us to get to know each other and for you to feel comfortable talking about whatever is troubling you.

Therapy is best done face to face, but if you are outside of the Bristol area I am able to provide Skype sessions.

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling Society and registered member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy